WordPress and its Technicalities: Part 2

Hello again! Welcome to part 2 of my “WordPress and its Technicalities” series! This article will cover a lot about plugins and my personal and professional opinions on the best plugins for any WordPress website. Without further delay, let’s get to it!

So what is a plugin?

Well, it’s a piece of software that extends the functionality of another piece of software. In hardware terms, it’s like adding a second video card to boost your gaming performance. In terms of WordPress: plugins can make your life easier while also adding value for your readership. With so many plugins out there, how do you know which ones to use? I’m going to tell you which one’s I see as “must haves” and those that are optional.  read more...

WordPress and its Technicalities: Part 1

I almost forgot how complicated starting from scratch can be. Forgetting what plugins were installed, traded, and replaced. Services like FeedBurner going to the Google limbo, and the importance of SEO and having a Privacy Policy.

Ugh! Over the years I’ve setup various websites, mostly with WordPress because of its flexibility, choice of plugins, and the community support that’s so necessary these days. It being open source and readily available, easy to set up, and able to run on a multitude of different servers play into of course, but it’s really hard to beat the types of flexibility and support it has.  read more...