Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jay Talbot. Although I hold a culinary degree, but my chosen profession is Information Technology. My technical proficiencies are:

  • Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, RHEL/CentOS), Unix (SCO, Solaris, and BSD), Mac OS X, and all current versions of Windows.
  • Network building and augmentation with Wifi included.
  • Web technologies. Web and DNS server administration.
  • Some python and PHP/MySQL scripting.
  • Troubleshooting PC and server hardware.

Here’s a little history. After working in IT for many many years, I grew tired of it after losing my job in a data center consolidation. I had enough with corporate America and looked elsewhere to find my passion. It was my decision in 2007 to go to culinary school in Austin, TX.

After graduation in 2008, I moved back to Amarillo, TX and immediately was unemployed. Three months of looking and searching for a job landed me a grill cook position in a local restaurant. After being there for a year, my job search took me to a new restaurant opening in Lubbock, TX. It was a wine bar and restaurant combination aiming at taking the snobbery out of wine drinking. Working there allowed me to learn many new things, both about food and about myself.

In mid-2010, my travels then brought me back to my home town, finding myself unemployed again. After looking far and wide for a new job, the only employment to be found was at a little sushi restaurant downtown. I went to work making just above minimum wage, and I had to fight for that five cents over. What they don’t tell you in culinary school is that no one wants to pay, but they want you to work hard (in 100 degrees) for the scraps they send home in your check. I decided it wasn’t for me. It takes a certain type of person to work in a professional kitchen, and that wasn’t me.

This is the happy part. The day I quit the kitchen was the day I was hired by my current employer. It’s been a great learning experience as well as a fun way to make a paycheck. Getting to “play” with some of the latest technologies is gratifying and fun for me. Yes, complaints will happen, but I can’t think of another profession I’d rather be in.

Update: I’m no longer living in Amarillo as I’ve moved to Ohio. I’m still doing IT contract work, albeit it’s slow going. I’m looking for a full-time position at this time. I’ll update more as needed!

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