Battlefield 3 and beyond!

Just a quick and short update! For those who want to know, I’m not dead and nor have been kidnapped. I’ve been playing Battlefield 3. It was recently made free on Origin, so now I’m hooked. LOL! I suck at it, but no time like the present to have a little fun and kill some peeps in an FPS!

On a side not, I’ve also been playing the Quake series, Doom series, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I don’t know why I got back into FPS’. Maybe it’s because I cut my gaming teeth on the original Doom. I have my sights set on COD: Black Ops II, or perhaps the new COD coming in November, but that will have to wait. I have quite a few things in line ahead of such luxuries. Ya know, like food? 😉

Maybe more later…

BF3 Stats

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