I say again, spammers NOT welcome…

I’ve had a small rash of spammers using aol.com and mailinator.com email addresses. I banned mailinator.com, since temporary email addresses annoy me. I don’t use temporary email addresses and this site will never send SPAM or any other unwanted emails ever. I hesitate to ban aol.com on the grounds that tons of people still use that service. I’ll watch it and if it gets too bad, the domain will be blocked.

Something I have set in place is that all comments from first time users are moderated. I see everything, and so far there have been no real comments from real people, just spammers. I guess I should put out some quality content soon so I can entice real people to come and visit and comment.

Maybe more later…

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A long time IT Professional turned Culinarian. A geek by nature, and determined to learn everything from both worlds! Life is an adventure, and happy to bring you along the journey.

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