So here I am again….

Right now I’m jobless, penniless, and girlfriendless. While I’m not really complaining about the girlfriend thing, it was kind of a toxic relationship after a while, the jobless and penniless parts suck.

Yeah, sure I put in for unemployment, but it’s the government and they drag their feet, taking their sweet time getting a decision. Beside that, drawing unemployment in Texas is like a full time job. They want you to make no less than 5 job contacts a week, and attend their seminars. What if, just what if I’m so broke I can’t get out of the house? What if I can’t afford bus fare to anywhere? It’s called being broke, which most politicians know nothing about. You know what’s funny about that? It’s the ones who have money and jobs that make these stupid laws. I’d like to see them follow this crap. It’s easy fo you to make rules as long as you’re no the one that has to follow them.

Too bad I’m not in California where I can sit on my ass all day and draw unemployment. lol I think I’d have started making money blogging by now.

By the way, I have nifty little podcasting domain available if anyone’s interested?

Maybe more later…

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