Really long time no update!

In honesty, I’ve been trying to figure out how to transition this blog into a different kind of blog. I’ve been looking at themes, playing with different plugins, and just trying new stuff out; when I’ve had the time to do so.

I guess my public image has become more important to me over the last few years. Although I’ll still speak my mind, I’ve started to feel obligated to watch what I say and how I say it. It’s tough to make the change and I’m still trying to figure it out in a way. I mean, perhaps I can split the blog into various parts (subdomains) pertaining to food, gaming, technology, etc., but I really don’t want it to get that complicated. It is still an option. I really prefer things to me simple at this time.

All that being said, I really need to revamp the site and get things rolling again.

Maybe more later…

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A long time IT Professional turned Culinarian. A geek by nature, and determined to learn everything from both worlds! Life is an adventure, and happy to bring you along the journey.

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