I h4z b33n h4x0rzd!

Heh, someone thinks this site is important. lol! 3nerGie decided it would be worth the waste of time to deface my site to get their rant about Serbia published. The funny thing is that this blog, and really all of my domains are not popular and gets next to NO visitors anymore. lol! This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands.

This morning I was greeted with a b-day present: A nice email from my web host. It turns out they moved into one of my domains with a hate site. I’m sure it was politically driven, though I did not see the hate site myself as it was deleted by the time I woke up. Because of the content that were posted, my host is tracking down the culprits for legal reasons, and I may also take legal action myself. This kind of stuff will not be tolerated, and should not be tolerated. I’ll probably blog later on the evils of politics.

Maybe More later…

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