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Free Pictures | acobox.comI’ve been looking at starting a microblogging service for ham operators and a separate service for cloggers. The issue is, what software do I pick? Well, I’ve been looking around and found a few packages and haven’t found one I liked yet. I’ll give you a rundown of what packages I found, and my reservations I have against the software.

  • Laconica is a microblogging tool. It looks good and is fairly feature rich. My main reservation about this software is the license it’s released under is the AGPL (GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE) which requires you to not only make available the original source codes, but any modifications you’ve made to the software. I’m sorry, but if I want an original feature that no one else has, and I modify this program and release the modifications, it would no longer make my feature novel.
  • WordPress MU + Prologue theme. WordPress is prowerful to say the least, and the Prologue theme gives it a simple interface. It’s not a plugin so the 100 to 140 character limit isn’t inforced. The lure is the power of WordPress and the multitude of plugins available.
  • Grooner looks ok, but the installation isn’t that easy, and it’s a 1 hit wonder as it only does microblogging.
  • Elgg is another microblogging platform that seems feature rich. There are also a lot of plugins available for it. This is probably the most promising of the platforms I’ve looked at. It’s covered under the GPL and has an active community.

These are the top 4 so far. My requirements are simple. Don’t require me to release my enhancements.  In the past, I’ve made contributions to OSS projects that helped me out in one way or another. If I choose to release it, so be it, but it will be on my terms and my choice. I’m not able to pay for some of the commercial software available ( for multiple hundreds of dollars) so it must be free (as in beer).

All that being said, I’ve toyed with the idea of reviving one of my old projects into a microblogging software. We’ll see I guess….

Maybe more later…

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