BBS Era…. Can we bring it back?

Free Pictures | acobox.comSometimes I miss the old days of computing. The old BBS’ and how geekycool it was to have a modem and talk to people online. Some BBS’ had tons of files, others had tons of message bases tied into something called Fidonet, yet others dealt in adult files, and they were all community based. This is something that the “social-network” sites like Facebook, Orkit, and Myspace are trying to bring back.

Try as we may, the old days are over. Now, we need to look at the future and what community really means. I don’t think we’ll find it with all the hyped up, over-thought and overdone “social-network”, but with building a “1 site for 1 world community.” Who will do it? Only the future holds the answer.

Maybe more later….

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A long time IT Professional turned Culinarian. A geek by nature, and determined to learn everything from both worlds! Life is an adventure, and happy to bring you along the journey.

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