What are your employees worth?

Free Pictures | acobox.comWhat are your employees worth to you? What kind of money do you have in mind that your manager or supervisors should be making?

So far, I’ve come up with $7.50 for a small local cafe….. Seven Dollars and Fifty Cents! For 30-40 hours a week that comes out to roughly $225-$300 per week before taxes…. WTF? NO NO NO NO! A thousand times NO!

You cannot expect someone to love a job that doesn’t love him/her back. It is outright insulting to think that this is enough money to make ends meet. I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but I’m about tired of employers going cheap and expecting us to like it.

Amarillo has this knack for trying to stay in the past. Sure, $7.50 would have been plenty 10 years ago, but not in todays economic climate. Food has sky-rocketed to all time highs and gas has started climbing upward again. We are all feeling the pinch. We are all broke. We are willing to work, and work damn hard too, but for crying out loud PAY US WHAT WE ARE WORTH!

Maybe more later….


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