R.I.P. Geocities 1995-2009

Well, and era will soon be over. Yahoo is finally killing off Geocities later this year and replacing it with a pay hosting service.

Yeah, I cut my teeth on Geocities. I had an embeded midi music file and maybe 1 or 2 animated graphics. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted to that. lol Do I miss it? Hell no! Compared to what I have here, it was kindergarten stuff.

Their new plans are a bit expensive for what you get. Their plans start at $5.98 (for the first 3 months, and $7.95/month after) for “unlimited” bandwidth and space. Ok, there is no such thing as unlimited anything when it comes to hosting. Most blogs and personal sites don’t really use more than a a few hundred megabytes anyway. They also allow only 1000 email addresses. Eh, the limitation on email addresses is so 10 years ago. I’ve seen quite a few hosts still limiting the number of email addresses. This is a truely outdated and out-moded practice. I think the only company who can get away with limiting email address these days is Google and their free email hosting services.

I’m sure someone will fall for these services, but I want to remind everyone to use their resources and do their research. Heck, I pay $3/month and get 5GB of space and 10GB of bandwidth. That’s plenty for my modest websites at this point, and I get unlimited email address although I use the nice services provided by Google. 🙂

Maybe more later….

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