NC Community takes on Time Warner Cable

Free Pictures | acobox.comIt’s funny to me how many of these companies justify their competitiveness, or lack there of, by lobbying the Government. It’s not the Fed this time. No, it’s the state of North Carolina. What can’t the oh-so-big-and-powerful TWC compete with? Better services with a lower pricetag!

Wilson, NC, and it’s 47,000 residence have had it with TWC. The created their own city run community network, and offer services at prices that make TWC wince in pain and fear. Who can blame these people? We all know how TWC has made few real improvements to their backbone, while charging residence high prices, and providing substandard services. Did I mention they get subsidized by the US Government also? Nice little “operation” they have going there, eh? <wink wink, nudge nudge>

While I was living around Austin, TX, I had TWC and the services weren’t that great. The only two nice things about having my phone through TWC was the long distance was free and Bell maintenance didn’t affect my service.

Maybe more later….

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